IPO in Hong Kong / U.S.


HKEx is one of the stock exchanges with the largest market capitalization and active trading in the world. It is an ideal platform for enterprises to go public for raising capital. Through listing in Hong Kong, an enterprise will attain a desirable valuation and enhance its corporate governance. In addition, relatively shorter time to obtain listing approval or approval for follow-up finance can help an enterprise to rapidly expand into oversea markets.

Advantages of IPO in Hong Kong Capital Market Environment
  • Hong Kong is an international financial and information centre, with standard and mature capital market
  • It has established laws and regulations, including Securities and Futures Ordinance, IPO Rules, Codes on Acquisitions and Mergers and others
  • It does not levy on dividends and profits of any placing. Institutional investors and the public proactively participate in the active market
  • It has no foreign exchange control and capital is freely circulating
Corporate Image after IPO
  • Company will be noted by the commercial and financial community after IPO, which will enhance international image of the company to procure confidence from suppliers, distributors and other cooperators more easily, as well as helping to expand global markets, and expand business to a higher level
  • IPO will enhance the product brand popularity and reputation of the company
  • The company can build up a global sense and international prospect and to absorb first-class talents through international commercial platform
IPO Procedure and Support
  • IPO procedure is highly transparent
  • A professional listing intermediary can achieve optimal IPO plan
Follow-up Finance Capacity
  • Company can have global capital support since global leading financial institutions are based in Hong Kong or setting up branches in Hong Kong
  • It can have strong refinance capacity after IPO
  • Hong Kong is a good circulation market
How Does Admiralty Business Centre Help Assist Corporations in Seeking to Listing in Hong Kong

IPO is an effective channel for enterprises to raise funds for sustainable development and a unique opportunity for enterprises to standardize their management and enhance the brand reputation. As listing is a professional and complex business, when an enterprise decided to go public in Hong Kong, it must observe the Listing Rules and IPO procedures of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. A professional who is familiar with the Hong Kong market and the listing procedures can help the overall planning Based in Hong Kong, we are experienced in IPO and its service will guide you through the entire IPO process.

Pre-planning: Removing All Obstacles to Create Favorable Conditions for Listing
  • Assessing the eligibility of the company to be listed in Hong Kong
  • Preparing a feasibility report for listing
  • Formulating a development direction of the company for the purposes of listing
  • Examining the accounting system and accounting record of the company and giving advices for improvements
  • Devising a tax saving plan for the company and individuals (shareholders)
  • Designing a restructuring plan
  • Recommending venture capital or private equity fund for the development of the company

Execution of IPO : Coordinating the Listing Team to Shorten the Listing Process
  • Assisting in choosing the best time for listing
  • Assisting in the selection of appropriate intermediaries
  • Coordinating on the company behalf the intermediary teams to complete their work as scheduled
  • Assisting the sponsors in the performance of due diligence
  • Helping answer enquires from the Stock Exchange
  • Helping seek capital at the Pre-IPO stage and help increase market awareness on the company

Follow-up Management : Providing Advices to Facilitate Sustainable Development
  • Providing audit services in accordance with the requirements of information disclosure
  • Providing timely update on accounting standards, the Listing Rules and other regulatory requirements and make recommendation
  • Providing professional advice on subsequent mergers and acquisitions
  • Assisting clients in the issue of bonds / convertible bonds / issue of new shares / top-up issue

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