Family Fund / Trust

Fire-proof wall to protect your family fund from enterprise risk and outsiders.

Writing a will is the most common mean of transferring inheritance to your family. However, due to the authenticity, confirmation of authority and in different countries, the law of inheritance differs…etc, which may cause many problems and lead to conflicts and turmoil within the family circle. In the worse possible scenario, family business and asset will depleted by legal expenses, in some cases, resulting in bankrupts or business taken over by outsiders. For instance Kung Yu Sum of Hong Kong China Chem Group passed away, trouble and turmoil came about from all directions due to the will issue.

Family Fund is an entirely different approach. It is a result of trust and accountability between two people: the fund owner and appointed person. Once it is set up, the fund is no longer belong to the original owner. Any change of trustee does not affect the fund. Beneficiary receives funds through the trustee’s authorization. Trusted fund is in the name of the trustee, it means any credit of trustee has no authority to take over the fund, therefore a fire-proof wall fortress is built between your family fund and the enterprise, eliminate the risk associated with that enterprise which could affect the family assets and possessions. The relatives of the trustee have no share of the fund for their own expense. Trustee’s own possession is completely separate from the beneficiary’s which prevent outsides from having any share of that fund. For example, when a trust beneficiary faces a divorce, the trust will be protected against any settlement demanded by the estranged wife/husband. The divorce settlement will only come from the beneficiary possession, the trusted fund will remain unscathed.

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